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Greenwood Village residents with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne or squamous cell carcinoma can schedule a consultation to find the right treatment for their unique concerns. Skin conditions can affect a patient’s health, and the professionals at Restorations Health and Wellness are here to provide care that helps patients look and feel their best.

Our team of skincare specialists treat a variety of skin conditions. Based on your needs, the doctor will create a personalized skin care treatment path. Here are just a few examples of the conditions the doctor treats in our office.


We refers to a number of blemishes when using this term — the most common of which are pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and nodules. Mild acne can cause embarrassment, while more serious cases lead to pain and discomfort, red skin, and even scars. At Restorations Health and Wellness, we treat all types of acne whether it’s caused by stress, hormones, or pore-clogging oil and bacteria. Our staff can also help minimize scars due to acne.

Treatment Options: Prescription creams, lasers, photofacials, and chemical peels can all be used to treat active acne and acne scars.

Skin Cancer and Related Conditions

Cancer is a serious skin condition that requires specialized medical attention. Many people are familiar with melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer that is sometimes fatal. Damaged skin cells lead to tumors that take on a mole-like shape. This damage may occur from spending too much time in the sun or from using tanning beds. Melanoma tends to be dark in color, but it may also look purple or pink. Dr. Searle can provide screening for melanoma, and early treatment may cure this skin cancer.

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a very common type of skin cancer that we see a lot at Restorations Health and Wellness. It grows slower than melanoma and the spreading of the cells is not as common. UV exposure also contributes to BCC, and crusty growths known as actinic keratosis are a common symptom. A similar type of skin cancer is known as squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Symptoms of both BCC and SCC include open sores, shiny nodules, and warts.

We recommend that patients schedule a consultation if they notice any moles that change in shape or grow in size on their body.

Chronic Skin Conditions

While permanent, or chronic, skin conditions may cause discomfort, our staff can suggest a skin care regimen that minimizes the level of interference they cause. Psoriasis is an example of a common skin condition that is identified by patches of flaky red skin known as scales. Erythrodermic is a type of psoriasis that may be fatal and should be treated immediately.

Another common skin condition, that we treat often at Restorations Health and Wellness, causes the face to appear red is rosacea. Our staff treats Rosacea differently because it can be caused by specific foods, sun or wind, and even hot baths. Eczema also causes redness in the form of an itchy rash. It’s common behind knees and on the backs of elbows. We can diagnose this condition in children and adults.

Elderly people often experience benign skin discoloration known as liver spots on the hands, face and shoulders. A lack of pigment in people with darker skin can lead to light spots known as vitiligo. Our staff is able to provide relief from both conditions.

Depending on the severity and recurrence of your skin condition, scheduling a consultation will allow your skin care specialist to assess your unique situation and provide the most effective course of treatment.

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