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Our staff at Restorations Health and Wellness are ready to help you with your concerns and needs. Our team of highly trained and experienced staff is committed to providing the best in quality services and customer care to each and every one of our clients.

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At Restorations Health and Wellness, we collect comprehensive information about your medical history to ensure the highest quality care.

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Our office accepts a number of different healthcare plans. As well as accept cash and major credit cards. Additionally, we can arrange payment plans.

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At Restorations Health and Wellness, we do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Click here to schedule an appointment online today.

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New Clients

If you are a new client, or haven’t visited us in a while, you may have some questions about our staff and facility. As always, please feel free to give us a call to speak with a staff member, or simply browse our site for more information. We are proud to provide you with an onsite blog, monthly newsletters and the latest in skin care developments on our social media sites. Please feel free to follow those for the latest breakthroughs in medical research, at home prevention tips, office specials, and client community events.

During your initial visit Restorations Health and Wellness will gather all of your insurance details. Our office accepts a number of different HMOs, PPOs and other healthcare plans. Please be sure to call our office ahead of time in order to verify that we accept your current insurance provider. We also gladly accept cash and credit card payments at the time of service. Any costs not covered by your insurance policy will become your responsibility and we will consult with you on resolving those.

Some Information About

New Client Forms

We collect comprehensive information about your medical history to ensure the highest quality care. This empowers us to provide you with the best course of treatment possible that is tailored to your needs. When you come in for your first visit, we’ll gather the following information:

  • Medical history
  • Current medical conditions
  • Past hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Current medications
  • Current skin conditions and concerns

While searching for the best-in-care, you may have many questions about our staff. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, which will help you find more information. If you’re unable to find answers to your questions, please call to speak with one of our skin care specialists.

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Scheduling an appointment or consultation with one of our specialists is quick and easy. Regardless of your skin care needs, it’s important to have an experienced specialist with extensive training perform any skin treatments you may require. You can call (303)-736-9203 or request one by clicking the button below.