Restorations Health and Wellness does everything we can to make sure clients are comfortable and pleased with their results. Clients agree that Restorations Health and Wellness provides the most innovative and technologically advanced procedures to insure that the best results are achieved every time.

This is my favorite place to go for facials.  They offer facials that are not available anywhere else in Colorado, much less the Denver metropolitan area.  Kim is the most thorough and considerate esthetician I’ve ever had…. but I can’t say I like calling her that because she is so much more.  Kim and Steve are more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve spoken with, or had the pleasure of meeting, and I have been having facials and other spa treatments for over 20 years. Restorations Wellness is very cost effective in comparison to other places I’ve been (I’ll never go back) or actually go anywhere outside of Restorations Wellness.

Again, Yelp steered me in the right direction.  🙂

I moved to Denver in Summer 2012, and I was desperately trying to get set up. You know the drill — new job, new hairdresser, new doctor, new gym, new go-to grocery store, and most importantly, the first on my list — new facialist. Not knowing my ass from my elbow when it comes to Denver, I heavily relied on Yelp to get me started on the hunt. Before I had even moved here, I emailed the owners with questions, and they responded very informatively and quickly.

Needless to say, I’ve been visiting Kim (owner/facialist) every month since I’ve moved here for microdermabrasion and a chemical peel. I usually get the package deal (6 treatments for $350) which is quite affordable. No worries, you won’t have products being pushed on you — in fact, Kim had recommendations for a stubborn skin condition I have using just a simple toothbrush (yes, you read that right) instead of upselling me on an additional treatment (yes, the toothbrush trick actually works). Also, I’m not sure how they do it, but their microderm machine works WONDERS without hurting. I’ve received tons of compliments on my skin complexion. The bonus is that Kim is a really nice and personal gal who effortlessly makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

They offer massages here, too — I’ve only taken advantage of this once, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I know they offer Botox and other injections, but I have never done this before (I mean, ever in my life), so I cannot comment. Hopefully, I won’t have to look forward to that adventure, but with all my sun damage, I’m realistic and know it’s coming someday. LOL.  🙂

Overall, very happy visiting this sanctuary every month — thanks, Yelp!

I used to go here every month for a massage and only stopped going because of the time and financial constraints of being a graduate student. They are awesome. I am always treated like a friend when I’m there. Colby always did my teeth whitening and Christina always did my massage. Both are super knowledgeable and make sure you’re properly educated in maintaining results. I first visited because I bought a Groupon, and that first experience kept me coming back! The second time I visited, they were really accommodating based on my student status–I wasn’t even a loyal customer yet, but they were treating me like one! Well, needless to say, that definitely made me a loyal customer and I could not recommend them more! This is a great family-based institution!!

Thank you, Yelpers, for turning me onto Restorations. My Mom and I went for a massage and facial and we both fell in love! When we left, my mom said, “that is the only place I ever want to go for a massage.” The massage therapist has a therapeutic touch that melts your muscles. Meanwhile, The spa owner does the facials and she is so informative. If you have any questions about problem skin, she has the solution! This place is wonderful and I can’t wait to go back!

I discovered Restorations right before Thanksgiving. My first visit was to have an InfraRed Sauna Wrap. It’s popular for weight loss but I absolutely love it for its detoxifying and pain relieving capabilities! My next visit was to finally have microdermabrasion with light therapy. Holy Moly, can I just say how amazing my skin feels after just one treatment?! I didn’t need to think twice when it came to scheduling a follow-up appt.

The owners (Steve and Kim) are incredibly passionate and informative about ALL aspects of their spa and treatments offered. I also love how deeply valued their regular clients are. They are always running specials that the competition can’t even come close to! What I’m trying to say is that it would behoove anyone to become a regular at Restorations for their wellness spa treatments!

P.S. They have another location coming to the city and I can’t wait!!!

This morning I tried Microdermabrasion at this lotion for the first time. I was not disappointed… Deb Shanks did a great service! This is now my new favorite spot, Services finally you can afford. Please go see Deb, she is currently offering free mini facials this month only. You will leave feeling wonderful and amazed with the out come. Go see my new Girl!

I absolutely love this spa. The owners, (Steve, Kim and daughter Colby), are extremely professional, personable, and provide a great experience. I received the best massage I have ever had at Restoration. With each procedure they take time with you and provide the best care. For instance at another spa my microderm was 20 minutes, here at Restoration it is a full hour of enjoyment.
Restoration will let you test out their products/machines before you commit to purchasing a service which I believe is very rare.
You must give them a try.

Customer service at its finest!  My primary reason for selecting Restorations Wellness was because of the convenience of its location; right around the corner from my home.  Needless to say, convenient places aren’t ALWAYS the best places, but Restorations Wellness is an exception to that rule!  First and foremost, the level of service I’ve received by everyone, including the reception area, has surpassed any other place I’ve ever encountered!  I’m BIG on customer service and that’s what I look for when I’m seeking out any service or product!  The owner, Steve and Kim Weiner have created an atmosphere that gives you the overrall sense of well-being!

I called Restorations Wellness to schedule an appointment and I had the esteemed pleasure of speaking with Steve, the owner.  Little did I know from that brief, but informativeconversation that this person would change my life.  Well, he did.

From the moment I stepped into that office, Colby, with her amazing ability to connect with the client welcomed me with open arms.

My first spa service that I received was a one-hour massage from Nikalit, the massage therapist.  This young woman’s ability goes deeper than just a surface massage.  Nikalit’s desire to make her client feel comfortable and relaxed is overwhelmingly surprising to me!  The many massage sessions I’ve received in the past and believe me, I’ve received alot, Nikalit, is by far, THE best therapist I’ve EVER encountered!  Nikalit, not only listens to your concerns, but she’s able to “connect” with you to determine just what your body needs.  Nikalit personalizes her massage session to your specific needs.  Having had several massage sessions with Nikalit, I’ve come to the conclusion that massage therapy is her God given gift!  Nikalit IS truly an asset to Restoration Wellness’ establishment!

Kim is an amazing woman!  Kim’s level of professionalism combined with the ability to connect with her clients has rendered me speechless!  Kim’s a very special person.  You feel that when you’re in her presence.  Each one of these individuals has their own strengths, but Kim has the amazing ability to make one feel right at “home!”  I truly love her!

From Steve to Kim to Colby to Nikalit, every single one of these individuals is right where they need to be!  Some of us wonder what our purpose is here in this world.  Well, each of the four of these special people are fulfilling their “calling” in life!  They’re real, genuine, sincere, and compassionate.  This is a place where NO judgements are passed.  I’m eternally grateful for just how well I’ve been treated and cared for.  Not only by the services they provide, but the quality and affordablity of these services as well.  Restorations Wellness is TRULY an asset to my life in all that they provide!

I would love to rate this spa based on the service provided. But, I can’t get an appointment. I bought a living social deal and have left messages for 2 weeks to schedule my treatment. I haven’t recieved a call back which is unfortunate.

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