Skin Care and Anti-Aging Tips for Men

Men Improve Their Skin and Slow Down Aging

Did You Know?
People often form their first impressions of us based on our faces. The human face is the main focal point of most interactions. Therefore, your skin’s appearance is one of the first things people will notice about you when you meet for a job interview, a first date or an important meeting. Keeping your skin healthy and attractive can have a huge impact on your personal and professional life. Talk to a dermatologist today about your skin care regime and any treatments that can make your skin look more youthful.

The signs of aging are unpopular amongst both men and women; however, the advice and products to combat signs of aging is often targeted towards women. We understand that skin care and aging are important issues to men as well, though, and men want to know the best ways to care for their skin to slow down the aging process as much as possible.

Start Early

Waiting until the years of sun damage have already made their mark on your skin is not a wise choice. Prevention is the key to skin care. Do not assume that because you have been blessed with boyish good looks, your skin will age gracefully and healthfully as you get older. Care for you skin while you are young, your 50 year old self will thank you for it!


Men tend to overlook this very important skin care step. The power of moisturizing your skin should never be overlooked. When you consider what you put your skin through with shaving and exposure, you can understand why this step is so important. End your day with a moisturizing cream and start your day with a moisturizer that contains SPF to combat the sun’s aging rays.

Manage Your Stress

You may not think that stress can affect your skin, but it can over time. When stress is left unattended, it can cause tension to build in the muscles of the face, which will result in the early onset of wrinkles. Manage your stress and overall health through meditation exercises or relaxing hobbies.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking can have a huge negative affect on your skin. The chemicals found in cigarette smoke speed up the aging process and deplete your skin of important moisture.

Drink Water

Staying adequately hydrated not only improves your health, but it improves your skin, as well. Skin needs moisture in order to renew itself and maintain a healthy appearance. Moisturizing with lotion is only a topical solution. True moisture and hydration starts from the inside out, so stay hydrated.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Sleep is when our bodies renew themselves and heal. Getting sufficient sleep will greatly improve the overall appearance of your skin and slow down the signs of aging.